An Update on Donation Store V2

January 23, 2019

Hey, It has been a while since I posted an update regarding Donation Store V2 mostly because my time has been occupied fully with academics which is getting really busy as it's the final year! However I have some more free time now which is good which is allowing me to continue developing. Right now most of my time is focused on the current site ...


Donation Store V2 - Moving to Demo V1.2 - Fix Notes

September 21, 2018

So just like the previous demo (V1.1), we allowed our testers to find any bugs that they can and report them to us. This brings us a step closer to a release and as we continue with demos the number of bugs decreases. This project is still very much alive! I don't have a release date right now as I myself have become busy with University starting ...


Donation Store V2 - Moving to Demo V1.1 - Fix Notes

September 7, 2018

So we released a demo for Donation Store 2 weeks ago and it was intended to be used to iron out any bugs we have on the system. We have eliminated a large portion of them and so, we are releasing a second demo today for Pre-Orderers to play with. Right now V1.0 of the demo had the following issues fixed: Store banner not being uploaded to each ...


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