So we released a demo for Donation Store 2 weeks ago and it was intended to be used to iron out any bugs we have on the system. We have eliminated a large portion of them and so, we are releasing a second demo today for Pre-Orderers to play with. Right now V1.0 of the demo had the following issues fixed:

  • Store banner not being uploaded to each store.
  • Store image not being uploaded to each store.
  • 500 Error when creating and saving a package.
  • On Setup Wizard, package won't be checked even when created.
  • Create Payment button fixed fixed.
  • 2 Buttons to Ban users when no users are banned.
  • 500 Error when creating referral fixed.
  • 500 Error when creating coupon or giftcard.
  • Variables in separate stores can now have the same identifier.
  • Forward slashes removed from the end of all URLs in stead of just some.
  • Let me open a support ticket on the homepage now redirects to support.
  • Logging into a store no longer gives error.
  • 500 Error when creating subscription fixed.
  • Home page message now being shown.
  • Homepage tagline now working.
  • Terms and Conditions don't appear on the Terms and Conditions page.
  • Optional Description on categories.
  • You can now have more than 1 category with the same name.
  • Removed page to Minecraft plugin.
  • Setting up webstore didn't select default language or template, it now does.
  • Clicking View Webstore on Webstore Settings now works.
  • Pressing cancel when creating or editing something now works.
  • Infinite loop when adding more than one thing to the cart.
  • Variable issue when moving from options being stored as list rather then in a separate table.

Once the second demo goes up, our Pre-Orderers will be working away crushing bugs, hopefully this time next week I'll have another one of these posts and possibly a release.



Friday, September 7, 2018

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