So just like the previous demo (V1.1), we allowed our testers to find any bugs that they can and report them to us. This brings us a step closer to a release and as we continue with demos the number of bugs decreases. This project is still very much alive! I don't have a release date right now as I myself have become busy with University starting back up, however I don't expect it to be long now, we are in the home stretch, definitely within the next month (i.e now till the end of October).

Anyway heres what was fixed:

  • Webstore settings not being changed.
  • Removing lock screen from install wizard.
  • Permissions added to pages that didn't have them.
  • Gateways in separate stores can't exist, but now they can.
  • Users can be deleted.
  • Subcategories can have the same name as subcategories in other stores and in the same stores.
  • Subcategories completely supported.
  • Responsive issue for mobile on the "Manage Webstore" page.
  • Italian language now showing up and supported.
  • Estonian language now showing up and supported.
  • Editing user is fixed.
  • Gateway forwarding fixed.
  • Store setup fixed.
  • Ticket priority and status now fixed so they can be changed.
  • Manual payments fixed and can be now created.
  • Import payments fixed and can now be created.
  • Icons on WYSIWYG editor fixed.
  • Two Factor Authentication fixed.

A new demo will be released for another round of testing.

Thanks and speak soon!


Friday, September 21, 2018

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