It has been a while since I posted an update regarding Donation Store V2 mostly because my time has been occupied fully with academics which is getting really busy as it's the final year! However I have some more free time now which is good which is allowing me to continue developing.

Right now most of my time is focused on the current site because it is not in a state that is suitable for releasing Donation Store. The main aspects of the site that are being worked on is a more in depth look into Donation Store's features with more screenshots and interactivity and also a new documents area. Donation Store Docs will have static guides relating to Donation Store which can be accessed by anyone using Donation Store. These are things like installation or using MySQL instead of SQLite.

The Knowledgebase will remain where things like release notes, articles and more detailed information, along with information that is only for certain clients will be held. With this, the Donation Store API is getting a revamp and documentation will be provided so it can be used by clients if they wish.

This site will hopefully go live in the next couple of days replacing the old site, with the Client Area staying pretty much the same.

As for the Donation Store itself. It is pretty much complete. I am in the progress of making a new default theme for the store front which is cleaner and easier to customise. Once that is done I am going to continue with bug fixing, even though the majority of them are solved. The last few weeks of development were focused around security changes and updates to ensure Donation Store is secure.

So yea, Donation Store is not dead, I am just finding it hard to juggle it with my real life commitments, however (as said so much now), it is still coming.

As for plugins, I plan on releasing with Spigot, then BungeeCord coming shortly after, with Sponge then coming after that.

There are also some other cool product ideas I have in mind, one that will completely simplify and change the way payments are made on game servers, however as this is only a prototype idea I am keeping it close to myself, however I feel it will allow Donation Store to provide a product that will take payments into an interesting, amazing direction.

I have gotten a lot of messages regarding a new upcoming game Hytale. Donation Store is not just supportive of Minecraft, it is using this as its entry point, however it is intended to be expanded to support a huge variety of different games, if and when they become popular. If Hytale allowed something like this, when the documentation is released, it is certainly something we will look into.

That's it for now! As always, join our Discord for more frequent updates!



Owner/Lead Developer

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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