Importing Payments

Importing Payments from another provider is easy. Export the payments from them in whatever format they provide. 

Donation Store requires a .csv file for importing payments, so choose that or if another is provided then use a free online tool like: to convert to this file type.

Once converted, open it up with a program like Excel. You will need to follow some rules in order to successfully insert the data into Donation Store. The rules are:

  • The date MUST follow this format: %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S. Example: 2018-09-17 15:16:12. This is how Donation Store handles dates, we will not change it just to suit different providers. All of our dates are handled like this.
  • The Transaction ID must be unique in the whole install of Donation Store.

Donation Store supports linking new created packages (on Donation Store), with previous payments made on other services. This can be achieved by altering the "Packages" column in each row. If you do not want to link to new Donation Store packages, simply place: None, in the box. If you want to link to new packages, get the ID of the packages in the "Packages" section of your control panel. You can enter a single package, or if you want multiple packages, simply place their IDs, separated by commas in the column like this: 79, 80, 81 

If you have any questions, you can contact us by opening a support ticket at:

If you do not want to configure it yourself, we provide a Migration and Configuration addon which can be purchased on our store. With this we will aid in moving all of your previous information from our old provider to Donation Store. This can be found in "Services/Addons" at

There is an example .csv file in the "Downloads" area of your license that you can use to import payments.

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