Collection of Donation Store Analytics

In order to give a globally safe experience when using Donation Store, we allow users to "Opt-In" to Donation Store store collecting analytics about their Webstore and their application. This is done to ensure the safety of payments across multiple networks.

Below is a list of all of the information we collect, why we collect it and what it's used for:

  • Ban Data - If you choose to share analytics, Donation Store will collect all information regarding bans made on your store(s).  We collect the persons username, their IP, the reason for banning them, the date and time they were banned and the IP of your webstore. We use this data in order to provide user reports across the Donation Store network. When you execute a "user lookup", Donation Store gets all of the bans that were made on particular stores and presents them to you. This is a great way to figure out if a user is potentially dangerous or not. If you are using User Lookups but don't share analytics, we urge you to reconsider. If you share analytics, you are empowering the Donation Store network to be a safer place.


  • Payment Information - A huge problem with payments on webstores is chargebacks. For this reason we collect information on payments made on your store. We collect the transaction id, the status of the payment, the amount, the tax, the date, the username and uuid of the player, their IP and the gateway the purchase was made on. This is used by us to calculate chargeback rates. If a user has a particular amount of chargebacks on ANY webstore running Donation Store, then when they login, if their percentage of chargebacks is higher then the threshold, they will not be allowed to make any purchases/login to your webstore. The more people that enable this, the stronger the Donation Store network gets. We do not collect this information for personal consumption. The database where it is stored is never accessed by anyone on the Donation Store team unless there is an error. The amount received is never shared with anybody, a request is made by an instance of the Donation Store application to the Donation Store API. The details are calculated and the response is sent back. This information is never in the hands of other users.


If you have any other questions regarding Donation Store or our collection of information, please open a ticket below:

You can enable or disabled "Analytic Sharing", by going to "Application Settings" in your Donation Store control panel.


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